A website that’s SEO optimized will naturally generate about 100 leads a day. However, if a site’s SEO is perfected, its daily traffic will soar, and the leads will skyrocket. Additional leads can mean anything, from unsponsored word-of-mouth reviews about your product to actual sales.

Lead generation is a multi-step process. To be successful at it, you must master the art of attracting potential customers.

What it Takes to Generate Leads

A lead is someone who has an interest in your products or services. It will be easier to secure a sale if you nurture a lead.

You’ll need a central hub; this is typically a business website. You can perfect a website for leads in a few months if you create a healthy pipeline with hard work.

With your website, you can collect unlimited leads, but you shouldn’t pursue every opportunity on the web. One hundred targeted leads are far better than a thousand random leads. To be successful, you must stay in your lane.

A Great SEO Strategy Is the Foundation

 A person drawing out an SEO strategy.
Strategic keyword search is the key to perfecting a website’s SEO. For most marketers, all SEO research tactics begin with a Google search. The goal is to rank in the top 10 results on Google for various targeted search terms. This is the best way to secure many leads a day.

If you need help finding keywords, use the Google Keyword Planner. You can access it for free after you create a Google Adwords account.

A Fast Website Equals More Possible Leads

Google cares about the user experience. If a Google bot finds a website that loads slowly, it will be penalized. Google’s algorithm is a mystery, but many experts believe it measures high bounce rates.

According to Google, blog pages should load within three seconds, and e-commerce pages should load in under two seconds. You can run a free speed test using:

  • Gtmetriz
  • WebPageTest
  • Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Pingdom
  • DareBoost

Proper Linking Building Supports a Good Lead Generation Strategy

Keyword research is just one piece of a larger puzzle. To rank on Google for your keywords, you’ll need to build solid backlinks to different pages. Link building can be very time-consuming, so you should first organize your homepage or an excellent opt-in page.

Google has a complex algorithm for backlinks on the web. In the SEO world, a backlink is like a vote. A website with many backlinks will have a good SEO ranking, and a site with a few backlinks will have a poor ranking. You’ll violate Google’s SEO terms if you build many backlinks too quickly or if you create backlinks that don’t appear natural. You should make a targeted site and add links over time to be safe.

  • Traditional websites
  • Message boards
  • Blogs
  • Social media sites

Local SEO Elevates a Lead Generation Campaign

Traditional SEO helps you reach a large audience. However, it doesn’t specifically target potential prospects in a targeted geographical area. This is why local SEO is valuable. If you set up a local SEO campaign, you’ll get results in four to eight weeks.

Local SEO is effective because the listings are prominent. Here is a good example. On Google’s search engine, local SEO and local SEM listings matter. Google will rank the closest New York restaurants first if you search for food in New York.

Social Media is a Viable Launch Pad for Leads

A solid social media presence provides two benefits. It builds natural credibility, and it improves SEO rankings. According to studies, social signals matter to Google. Many of the top sites on Google have over 100 likes and shares.

If you want to generate more leads using social media, focus on Facebook first. Then, incorporate Pinterest, YouTube, and other relevant social media platforms.

Social media marketing is a full-time job. You’ll have to manage posts, content, likes, and more. If you need help, consider hiring a social media manager.

Customer Testimonials Can Encourage New Leads

Google’s algorithm can identify trustworthy websites. To Google, a trusted website is a site that has:

  • A good reputation
  • Positive reviews
  • Credible customer testimonials
If you follow Google’s guidelines, your site will rank higher, and you’ll attract more leads.

To get a testimonial, you may need to offer an incentive like:

  • A coupon
  • A free gift
  • A free upgrade

A Great Newsletter Can Generate More Leads

A newsletter provides two marketing benefits. It helps you nourish the leads you already have, and it gives you the ability to build a loyal audience.

To generate leads with a newsletter, follow these steps:

  • Sign up for an email marketing service
  • Set up an autoresponder
  • Create an opt-in box
  • Put the opt-in box on an opt-in page on your website
  • Send traffic to the opt-in page
  • Create content for the newsletter
  • Add social media buttons
  • Send the newsletter to your subscribers

Key Strategies for Success

After buying traffic or ads, calculate your expenses and monitor the results. If your ROI is poor at the end of the month, make changes or cut your costs.

Every lead generation page will need a clear call to action. It can be a regular link, but a button is more effective.

There are multiple paths to a single destination on the web. If you get all of your traffic from one source, you’ll waste a lot of time and money. You should use at least two traffic sources, including those from social media pages, that fit your customers’ target demographics.

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